Kenya AA

Kenya AA


From African region.
roast to order
net weight options : 100g / 200g
note: this is a custom order, there is a +/-2g tolerance 

Roasting Level
  • A Little Bit More About This Bean

    Country  - Kenya

    Process  - Washed
    Variety - SL28
    Cupping note - Citrus, Blackcurrant, Grapefruit, Balance and Sweet

  • and More About The Delivery

  • ... What's More?

  • Suggest Brew Recipe

    * this recipe is for medium roast with V60 ceramic dripper

    Ingredients  15g medium ground coffee, 195ml 88-89℃ water
    Total Brew Time  2:35
    Bloom  30sec, 25ml water
    Brew  perform 4 pours with the remaining water (170ml)

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