Fruit Blossom

Fruit Blossom


From Africa region.
roast to order
net weight options : 100g


Coffee Characteristics : Sweet Fragrance, Juicy n Fruity


This is blend with character. With a large proportion of natural process Ethiopian coffee in the mix, our Fruit Blossom blend will make you sit up and take notice.

This blend is great in drip and press brew methods


note: this is a custom order, there is a +/-2g tolerance


  • A Little Bit More About This Bean

    Country  - Ethiopia
    Process  - Natural + Wash
    Varietal   - Heirloom
    Cupping note -  berry and cherry up front. stewed berries, ripe orange, jasmine aromas and layered juicy-sweet finish

  • and More About The Delivery

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  • Suggest Brew Recipes

    * this recipe is for lmedium light roast with CAFEC Flower Dripper


    Ingredients  15g medium ground coffee, 200ml 92℃ water water

    Total Brew Time  2:35
    Bloom  30sec, 20ml water
    Brew  perform 4 pours with the remaining water (180ml)

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