PALICO Aroma-Pro Coffeemaker

PALICO Aroma-Pro Coffeemaker


Enjoy the flavour of a perfectly balanced pour-over with this automatic coffee maker by PALICO. Because temperature, timing and water flow determine the quality of your brew, this coffee maker comes with a powerful and precise heater to quickly reach the optimal temperature (92C to 96C) and maintain that temperature throughout the brewing process. A pour-over showerhead provides even coffee bed saturation and turbulence, as well as ideal coffee ground contact time (between four and eight minutes), making the perfect cup easier and faster to achieve.


Automatic 8-cup brewer yields balanced, coffee-bar-quality flavour.

Precise constant brew temperature (92C to 96C) for coffee extraction.

Ideal keep-warm temperature does not compromise taste.

Pour-over showerhead for even coffee bed saturation and pulse brew for full blooming.

Carefree 30-minute automatic shutoff.


  • A Little Bit More About This Product

    Material: glass (carafe), Transparent plastic ( filter basket), BPA-free plastic, metal, stainless-steel (accents)
    size : 335 (w) x 140 (d) x 330 (h) mm
    capacity: 8 cup

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