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What is Robusta Coffee?

Most commercial coffees in supermarkets and restaurants are robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is the most commonly grown and traded coffee beans in the market, however, not many people understand what is robusta coffee. In this article, we are going to briefly talk about this coffee species.

Robusta is the coffee bean comes from the species Coffea canephora plant, which is one of the coffee tree species that known as much easier to grow with much higher productivity when compared with Arabica as they are more resistant to high temperature and at the same time, less susceptible to pests and disease.

Robusta coffee is the second most popular coffee in the market with 30% of the world coffee bean found in the market. These coffee trees were grown in the central and western parts of Africa, Indonesia, India, Uganda and Vietnam, most of these coffee beans were used as instant coffee. They were well known for their high content of caffeine (about 2-4%) and antioxidants, with a richer and stronger aroma, earthy and typically more bitter or even sense of burnt rubber because of the high content of pyrazine.

It is undeniable that Robusta is less popular than Arabica because their taste is more acidic and bitter, so they are not very popular, but they are being widely used in espresso and instant coffee. One point worth to talk about is that, there are high-quality Robusta being used for hybridizing coffee plants that taste good and easier to grow. So maybe the ultimate true value of Robusta is to save tasty coffee breeds from extinction instead.

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