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Tome Kebebe Estate

Photo by Og Mpango from Pexels

Tome Kebebe Estate is located at the town Tome in Uraga, a woreda of the Ormia Region within the Guji Zone area of Ethiopia, it is located at the centre between Odo Shakiso, Borena Zone, Southern Nations and Bore.

Tome Kebebe Estate is actually a washing station and was named after the kebele (town) they located and is also called Yabuto Kobe. The estate function as a community, they gather coffee beans of small farms from nearby kebeles like those Tome, Tobitu, Gomero and Koba, these farms sit on the fertile volcanic soil with an altitude of 1900-2380m, with average temperature 19℃ and annual rainfall 4950m. With these favourable conditions, Tome Kebebe Estate is able to produce high-quality G1 coffee beans.

Coffee cherries were being delivered to the wash station where they will be sorted, pulped and fermented.

After 36 to 48 hours of fermentation, the beans will be washed and dry for 10 to 12 days until only 11.5% moisture left in the coffee bean, and then transported to the mill before bagged.

We've imported the washed G1 coffee bean from Tome Kebebe Estate (Ethiopia Guji Uraga G1), with cupping note floral, leechi, grapefruit, red tea. Light roast, medium-light roast and medium roasting levels are available upon request.

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