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The Three Mind Blowing Coffee

If I tell you, the photo above is a coffee, what do you think? It is actually possible, just add some lemon and nitrogen into the "clear coffee", the colourless coffee, it would properly look like this. This is not nonsense but a hybrid of a few proper coffee recipes. Clear Coffee sounds odd, however, it really existed for a while with reasonable purpose. It's a de-coloured coffee invented by clrcff from Slovakia, it's equivalent to two shots of espresso but won’t stain your teeth. It says on its bottle that it's made of water, 6% Arabica coffee and caffeine. It looks tempting, you may expect it's caffeine water that taste like non-sweet regular coffee, however, there is cupping review saying that it tastes woody and ashy with a smoky aftertaste, similar to a very very dark roast coffee.

When talking about ashy coffee, it reminds me of Kopi Joss. It's an Indonesian brew invented by the local coffee-stall owner named Pak Man. It was accidentally invented while he was trying to make a drink to soothe his upset stomach. Joss is the imitation to the sound of this coffee. Sound? Yes. There will be a "joss" sound when the coffee is made because pieces of burning hot charcoals are put into the cup of regular black or milk coffee. People said it taste like a regular cup of kopi with flavours of burnt caramel mixed in. It might feel sceptical, however, it's the ultimate drink that everyone has in Yogyakarta, his home town.

Adding charcoals to coffee has become a healthy trend in some other Asian counties, the same as putting butter to coffee. That's the Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is said to be healthy because it's part of a keto diet. It's made with blending butter and MCT oil into regular black coffee. It was invented by Dave Asprey, inspired by the butter tea he drunk during his trip in Tibet. It was meant to replace breakfast with this high energy drink.

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