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Taiwan Coffee Culture

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

When people talk about drinks in Taiwan, the first thing pops up in their mind will probably be bubble tea. However, going to cafes, drinking coffee and making coffee at home is part of their life, their modern culture. Taiwan people not only enjoy their coffee at the cafe but at home, and, they are good at it. They have the world champion coffee roasters and baristas, coffee farmers and coffee tools manufacturers. As a place with professional glass manufacturers, ceramic craftsmanship and other high standard factories, this little island, Taiwan owns quite a lot of well know brands related to the coffee industry. The 一屋窑 is a Taiwan local brand established in 2002 and professional in thermal glass manufacturing. Being one of the top brands in glass manufacturing, 一屋窑 extended its line and became one of the Taiwan coffee tool manufacturers. The Tiamo Cafe is an international scale coffee tool manufacturer from Taiwan Taoyuan since 1995. Products from both brands are made in Taiwan, which is where the world recognise their technical and achievements in their industrial products. The good news is, Palicoffee is holding an up 55% off summer sale for the pour-over kettles, cold water brewers and pour-over drip brewers from them, so make sure you don't miss out the chance to bringing these quality coffee tools with such a great price!

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