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Poems That Smooth You During Gloomy Days, The Three Lovely Poems About Coffee

When the whole outside world is facing a huge challenge, everyone and everywhere is packed with the unbreathably intense emotion, even the sky looks so dark that eats you up, the thing you need at this moment is a minute or two. Come, sit down with your coffee, smooth your heart with the aroma from these beautiful words.

The morning coffee

Written by Ron Padgett

It's vivid especially when Ron described the morning coffee as //It's something to do between being asleep and being awake.//. I believe this hits most people.

oda al café (ode to coffee) Written by Urayoán Noel The original is written in Spanish and the writer is good at implying. There's nothing really about coffee in this poem, however, the coffee in your blood tells you, every line in this poet is about coffee.

//tu agria musa que ahoga soledades, devuélvenos al semillero isleño (until your acid muse drowns our pities, return us to our tribe that grew dark beans)//

The most beautiful part about this poem is not only how depth and thorough this black beverage is being written but how it sounds like while the poem is being sung, I meant readout. Please here or the title of this poem to go and listen to how amazing it sounds in its original language.

Coffee Lips

Written by David Ferry Before getting back to reality, I save this last piece for you which how this poem end touched me, and I hope it touches you too.

//At any rate he went on to ask the question,

“When I come into places like this and there are people holding

Coffee cups to their lips and they look at me, Are they about to drink the coffee or not to drink the coffee?”

He was balancing the world on the tip of his witty unknowing nose. I felt like I was falling down someplace else than anywhere there.//

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