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Papua New Guinea(PNG) Sigri Coffee Estate

The Sigri Estate, with a heaven bird printed on their green coffee bean bag as company emblem, is located in the Wahgi Valley of the Western Highlands, Kosem, province of the oceanic country Papua New Guinea.

Coffee trees on the island are shaded by the primitive forest without destroying the primitive woodland. It is basically no artificial fertilizer nor chemical insecticide is used for coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea, but traditional pest control instead. So coffee exported from the origin are basically organic even not certificated by any organization.

The Sigri coffee estate was established during 1950s and sits on a location of 1500 to 1600m elevation, it is internationally recognized as world best for over 20 years, especially in Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and North American markets. The quality control on their coffee bean is not limited on the growing process and processes after the harvest, but the quality of the seed. The coffee trees plant in the estate are mainly Typica and were grown from seeds to tree, which seeds were introduced from Blue Mountain area of Jamaic. By careful seed selection, plantation, quality check during the hand-pick harvesting, they are able to produce the highest quality coffee bean with AA grading. Together with their unique 3 stages wash process, wash for 24 hours, perform 3 cycles to completely remove of the pulp before they are dried under natural sunlight. Which makes their washed bean famous.

By carefully designing the roast, we present to you, Palicoffee roast Papua New Guinea Heacen Bird AA Washed process coffee bean with cupping note peach, almond, honey and chrysanthemum.

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