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Panama MamaCata Estate

Panama MamaCata

image from SCAP

MamaCata Estate is one of the oldest coffee farm located in the Boquete region in Panama. Which was established since 1959 and bought by Jose David Garrido Perez in the year1997.

The Garrido Perez family modified the farming process and improve the quality of the products with modern technology and cultivation management philosophy. They monitor the micro climate of every corners in their estate by arranging GPS coordinates everywhere, together with the soil composition in each area, which allows them to tailor the harvest time and fulfill the needs of the coffee trees for producing the highest quality cherry from the trees.

With an altitude of 1,500 - 1,750m, Caturras, Catuais, Typicas and Geishas were cultivated in the estate, the overall cupping notes to the estate were usually chocolates & citrus with a floral, herbal, fruit & cream character enriched with a juicy, sweet & silky flavor & after taste. This time, Palicoffee imported their washed Typcia, which you would expect the aroma of lemon, grapefruit, red tea and coffee blossom in your cup.

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