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Panama La Esmeralda

The Hacienda La Esmeralada is the coffee company located in the Panama owned by the Peterson Family. They own four coffee farms all located around the volcanic mountain ridges (1600-1650m) of Boquete River Valley in the south-west region of Panama. Coffee had been growing on lands in and around Hacienda La Esmeralda since 1890, before the land was owned by the Peterson Family, which allows them comprehending the knowledge of coffee growing. In 1988, the family switched their dairy cattle farm to coffee plantation.

The Hacienda La Esmeralada focus their the coffee production of the 3 aspects, quality, innovation and sustainability. They grow their coffee according to the microclimates of the area and tended to plant and harvest their products with sustainable methods like fertilizing their lands with coffee pulp that drained out on the dairy pastures, constantly maintaining and protecting the forest along watersheds by hydroelectricity and sustainable wood burning for running their coffee mill instead of regular electricity. They respect the local fauna, like scheduling coffee tree pruning both before and after the local bird nesting season.

All their efforts and love to their products definitely earned the world's recognition, and the most famous one is their award winning coffee bean natural processed Geisha. Which is now available in Palicoffee. The Geisha were from their Cañas Verdes farm, other than the Panama award, they also earned the 1st place from rainforest alliance. Palicoffee design the bean with roasting with light medium level which will deliver the notes of floral perfume, yellow peach, bergamot, jasmine tea to your cup.

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