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Panama Finca Santa Teresa FST

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The Finca Santa Teresa is origin in Santa Clara, a high altitude coffee farm located in the Panama's highest peak along the border with Costa Rica, which is in the La Amistad National Park in the fertile volcanic area of Volcan Baru. Benefit by the altitude of 1400-1800 m together with Pacific and Atlantic weather system,virgin forest, clean water source from La Llorona as well as fertile volcanic soil, the coffee bean delivers beautiful cup note of lychee, strawberries and blossoms.

Finca Santa Teresa is a UTZ certified farm, which according to the organization, it stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. They cooperate with the charity Casa Esperanza and built their own school for the young children of families who work on the farm each harvest, so that the children and teenagers get access to health, nutrition and training services as well as teachers for schools.

Other than health and education opportunities for their staffs and their family, Finca Santa Teresa is also working on the welfare of the environment via the details of their farming. For instance, converting as much of the farm as possible to solar power and have their harvesting done by hand instead of machinery. They have their cherry handpicked between November to February every year, then processed and milled in their own in site facilities and minimize the carbon footprint of carriage. The processes can take up to a month depends on the processing of the lot, washed, honey or natural.

It is our pleasure to present you their regular winner in the Best of Panama competition, gesha. We've select the honey processed gesha, we carefully medium-light roast the bean as to emphasize the notes of strawberry, lychee, honey and night-blooming flower. We recommend brewing recipe of coffee to water as 1:13 with 92°C- 93°C water.

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