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Mythical Interesting Facts About Coffee II

In around a year ago, we talked about some interesting facts in coffee. However, that was far from all we could bring light to. In this article, we are going to disclose more unnoticed myth about this black aromatic beverage.

11. Suppliers buy coffee beans for one year at a time

Most coffee tree varieties flower only once a year and therefore cherries can only be harvest one-time and around the same period every year. Thus, coffee beans are processed and bought from most coffee farms or mills in the world at about the same season and kept fresh via special storage technology.

12. Not only cats waste coffee beans are a thing

The kopi luwak is a well-known specially processed coffee which was achieved by fermenting the coffee cherries in the Asian palm civet digestive tract. It was said to be giving the beans an incredible flavour. However, Asian palm civet is not the only animal used to ferment coffee bean. Elephants in Thailand are helping to make black ivory coffee too. Don't' forget, "wastes" from monkeys, bats and birds are also used for fermentation in some countries.

13. Not all coffee has the same amount of caffeine

The amount of caffeine in your cup can be affected by roasting level (slightly affected), brewing method and species. For example, Robustas are having a higher caffeine content than Arabica while Espresso is with less caffeine per serve when compared with hand drip.

14. Drinking coffee in the afternoon will not cause insomnia

The caffeine consumed will be processed through the liver almost immediately after entering into our body and wakes you up, then gone within four to seven hours. Which means, even if the coffee is drunk at 3 p.m., it should not cause insomnia even if you are going to bed at 10.

15. Takeaway coffee tastes differently from those in house

Aroma and flavour of coffee vary every second after brew. On one hand, some notes continue to develop when the temperature of the liquid drops; on the other hand, some notes lost and "evaporate" with the heat. Thus, you should find your coffee distinct from how it tasted when it was just served.

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