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Mythical Interesting Facts About Coffee

1. The truth of Mocha

It is the name of a Yemen city. Mocha is where the first port exporting coffee beans world wide is located. People says the beans form Yemen had chocolate aroma, years later the chocolate coffee beverage was named after the city Mocha.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels
It contains a lot more water in your cup of coffee!

2. It needs an enormous amount of water to make your perfect cup

According to mother nature network and foodbev media, takes about 2,500 gallons of water to grown and produce a pound of coffee, which is around 37 gallons of water for one cup of coffee.

3. Coffee has more flavors than wine

There are 1,500 aromatic characteristics found in coffee while only 200 were found in wine.

4. Espresso has less caffeine than brewed coffee

The fine folks at Coffee Chemistry break down the numbers: an 8oz cup of coffee has approximately 2.3x as much caffeine as a 1oz shot of espresso. Espresso does have higher caffeine by volume, but the smaller serving size means you're getting much less of a buzz.

5. Coffee are seeds of cherry.

What we meant cherry here is not those we harvest from cherry tree, and coffee trees definitely don't give the pink fantasy cherry blossom rain. Fruit of coffee trees are called coffee cherry bearing after the white little flowers.

6.. Coffee loses 70% of its flavor within two minutes

Some even says it stales after 15 minutes. That's why we only sale whole coffee bean for the best quality.

7. Coffee cherries can be vary in color

Coffee cherry starts in green, then turn either yellow, orange, or red depending on the varietal.

8. There are thousands varietals of coffee tree 

Robusta and Arabica are only two of the main coffee streams. In the forests of Ethiopia, there are thousands of different types of coffee that haven't been cultivated nor served in cup.

9. A coffee plant can live up to 200 years

The Arabica coffee trees are sensitive, but it dosen't meant that they are short lived. When the condition is right, coffee trees can live for two centuries.

10. The coffee race

Which country consumes most coffee? It's USA, and the first runner up is Germany while many Asian countries are catching up.

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