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Let's Travel! Visit Cafes on Earth Safely.

Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels

It's the time when most people on earth are performing quarantine to save lives, it seems that the favourite stress relieves activity of Hong Kong people, travelling, is somehow restricted by the borders control globally. World-famous museums and landmarks, therefore, are offering virtual tours to help people survive the long home stay. However, it is never a perfect journey for coffee lovers without visiting a local coffee shop! How about a coffee shop virtual visit? You may now brew your Palicoffee s.o. coffee, sit back and enjoy your coffee in the stunning cafes at the other end of the earth, not just one, but as many as you would love to.

IBIZA in Amsterdam (provide by google map)

or even VR virtual visit at Le Fixe in Canada (provide by https://www.montreal360virtualtour.com/ )

Ceramic Café in Canada (provide by https://www.montreal360virtualtour.com/ )

Hog & Hedge in England (provide by google map)

Cafe Onion Anguk in Korea (provide by google)

ARRIATE Cafe in Korea (provide by google)

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