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Lab Baby from Colombia: Castillo

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Coffee is a vital crop to Colombia's economy, which is why they are putting more effort into

scientific coffee research respects than many other coffee-producing regions. Castillo is one of the popular "new" coffee beans innovated by the National Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) operated Colombia’s National Center for Coffee Investigation (Cenicafe).

The variety Caturra was naturally mutated from Bourbon. It has always been commonly cultivated among Colombia's coffee farms shortly since it was discovered in Brazil in year1937 because of its high performance. Unfortunately, Caturra is highly susceptible to common coffee plant diseases like coffee leaf rust and need plenty of nutrition to grow.

Colombia's lab, Cenicafe developed generations of the coffee trees to made improvements to Caturra. Researcher Jaime Castillo developed a new Caturra for five generations from 1968 to 1982, and successfully developed a new hybrid variety of Caturra and Timor Hybrid.

Innovation did not stop at that point, after the outbreak of Coffee Leaf Rush and Coffee Berry Disease in Colombia, further developments had been made and result in the new hybrids, the Tabi and the Castillo, which named after the researcher.

In May 2005, Castillo variety was introduced to Colombia's coffee farmers officially in the program "Colombia sin Roya", Colombia without Rust, to recover the productivity of high-quality coffee bean in the country.

Castillo is also used for hybridising new varieties adjusting to specific regional climatic and agronomic characteristics. By keeping the cup quality of Caturra, disease resistance characteristic of Timor Hybrid with one extra feature, Cenicafe came up with 7 sub cultivars from Castillo, they are Castillo Naranjal, La Trinidad, El Rosario, Pueblo Bello, Santa Barbara, El Tambo and Paraguaicito. If you are love bright and balanced texture coffee, you must not miss our new micro-lot Colombia Antioquia Caicedo Murillo coffee bean. This "dessert aroma" coffee will deliver malic, plum, caramel, almond and spicy cup note to your golden ox new year morning brew.

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