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Kenya Thika Gichuka and Double Wash

The Gichuka is a washing station in Thika, a town of Kenya in the Gatundu district. This washing station is operated under the Kimaratia Farmers Co-Operative Society which was founded in 1995. With about 2,200 members, they operate 3 separate factories (stations), Gachika, Gitare and Gichuka. By operating their own stations, it minimizes the time and resources spent on transportation of the coffee cherries. The Gichuka, and the other two factories, were created to fit for the processing the cherries that came from the particular micro-climate of Kenyan rainforests, among all the different processing method, one of the methods used in Gichka is double wash. Double wash, also called double fermentation or simply Kenyan processing is often associated with an exceptionally clean taste in the cup, doubly so or even above than the standard washed processing. This is a common way of processing coffee cherries in the East African areas like Burundi, Rwanda and of cause Kenya. It is similar to the washed process in addition to an extra soak. The extra soak, the second soak is meant to remove any remaining mucilage, even if it’s trapped in the crack of the bean. Here's a very clear demonstration on the double wash process by Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffees on youtube. Let's have a look.

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