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Italian Espresso Coffee To Become Candidate for UNESCO: The Future of Coffee

After the UNESCO recognition of Neapolitan pizza art in 2017, Italian government started the preparation for nominating espresso as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

Espresso is part of Italian's life. For Italian, espresso is a break from daily life; it is an excuse to meet up friends or to discuss business. Besides, espresso is one of the popular beverage in the world. About 3 billions cups are consumed per day.

If espresso is successfully recognized by UNESCO, it, without doubt, can boost espresso coffee chain business. However, it should not become a barrier to invention. Nominated as cultural heritage can benefit to preservation for history and tradition of Italian espresso but we still need to use out creativity for adding color to the world of coffee. Hoping that we can enjoy novel type of coffee in the future!

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