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Food Pairing for Lunar New Year: Chinese Candy Box and Coffee

Food is always an essential element in Chinese festivals. There is one casual yet meaningful custom which makes the lunar new year celebration unique and interesting is "grab some silver". It is certain that there are lots of events and activities that hold a much more important role during the lunar new year, but why "grab some silver" worth an article? Well, that's simply because it is the custom that most children found it satisfying while they were being forced to "pay a new year call", especially in the old days without smartphones. "Grab some silver" is a custom of presenting candies and other snacks to guests with a "Chinese Candy Box / Tray of Togetherness". It's an act of wishing the guest an abundance coming year. In tradition, candied red sunflower seeds, sugar preserved lotus seed, sugar lotus stem, candied gingers, and peanuts will be included for luck and health. Nowadays, people tend to use candies, chocolates, cookies and different types of nuts for the candy box as they are much easy to find and preserve. Which we conclude that the modern "Tray of Togetherness" matches much better with coffee than Chinese tea. Palicoffee presented a new year series of coffee bean that match perfectly with both the tradition and modern version "Tray of Togetherness".

Ethiopia Mormora Natural (Pink)

With the flavors of rose water, cane sugar, berries and peach with citrus notes. Best with chocolates, candies, and cookies.

Costa Rica Typica Honey (Yellow)

Fruity note with toffee and brown sugar. Best with cookies and nuts.

Kenya AA FAQ Washed (Black)

With the note of plum, red wine, blackberry and citrusy. Best with chocolate and nuts.

LAST ORDER >> 20th Jan, 2020.
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