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Ethiopia Mormora

Mormora is a coffee farm from Guji zone of west Ethiopia. Mormora, sits near to the town of Shakiso in Oromia Regional state. This 200 hectare farm is managed by the owner of the Guji Highland, however, Mormora is a more historical plantation with a slightly lower altitude of 1850-2100m and indigenous Colobus monkeys in the estate forest.

Mormora is like a wild forest, with fertile soil and well blended natural shade plants. Simultaneously, the land is divided into sections for managment while trees over 25 years will be stumped to rejuvenate, which enables them to maintain the quality of products at the same time organic certified.

Coffee in this farm are usually ripe and handpicked during November to February,then transited to the washing station in Shakiso where for sorting, grading and processed. All these treatment allows them to win the prestigious 'National Taste of Harvest Competition' in 2012 and come second in the 2012 'Inter Country Taste of Harvest coffee cupping competition arranged by AFCA in February 2012. During 2014, Mormora also won 3rd and 4th place in the 2014 'National Taste of Harvest Competition', held in Addis Ababa.

Palifcoffee has imported their natural G1this time. With the specific light city roasting level (just slightly lighter than medium), it will develop in your cup the notes of berries, peach, grape and Winey.

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