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Ethiopia Challa Cooperative, EL Salvador La Haciendita Pacamara and Ethiopia Haru Suku

In this article, we are going to talk about two coffee origins our coffee bean came from, the Nano Challa Cooperative, El Salvadoe La Haciendita and Haru Suke.

Ethiopia Challa Cooperative

The full name of Challa Cooperative is Ethiopia Limu Nano Challa Cooperative, it is located in the Gera woreda (district) within the Limu (Jimma) Zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. It is basically on the south of Gojeb River along the edge of local rain forest, the altitude of this region range from 1390 - 2980m with mountains Waka, Kimbibit and Timba. There are 27 Farmers Associations and 16 Farmers Service Cooperatives in the area, Nano Challa is one of them and found by the local coffee growers within the area who mostly grow heirloom varieties in 2004, aiming at introducing their coffee beans to the world. After 16 years of development, they are now having over 400 members in the cooperative, though with the total 10,545 members joined the Farmers Service Cooperatives, Nano Challa is still a small cooperative group. You may now found their wash process bean in our store now.

EL Salvador La Haciendita Pacamara

more details.... You may now found their natural process, dried plums with caramel cupping note bean in our store now.

Ethiopia Haru Suke

The Ethiopia Haru Suke is is located within the famous coffee birth place, the Yirgacheffe region. Yirgacheffe is quite a vast area, Haru Suke is a cooperative found by the smallholder farmers around the kabele (town) Haru Suke in Gedeo County with an elevation between 1950 to 2300m. The farm of the contributors are so small that they are usually less than a hectare. As the lands are small, the coffee trees are usually grow with other crops just like in the wild forests. Other crops such as sweet potato, mango and avocados are often grown with coffee, which results in the rich fruitiness and layering of flavors. You may now found their dark fruit and chocolate aroma med-dark roasting bean in our store now.

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