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Enjoy Summer with Cold Brew!

Many people would like to have a cup of iced coffee during hot summer. Instead of iced coffee, cold brew is another choice for having a fresh cup of coffee. Unlike hot coffee and iced coffee, cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water which can lower acidity and taste much smoother and sweeter.

It takes patience for preparing cold brew since water usually has direct contact with the coffee grounds between 12-24 hours. Therefore, we does not recommend using fine coffee ground for cold brew which may lead to over extraction.

To prepare cold brew, you can use a cold brew brewer. Coffee to water ratio is depending on the tensity and favor you want. Put cold water and coffee ground, and then wait! After about 12 hours, you can enjoy tasty cold brew coffee!. Smart dripper is also a convenient tools for cold brew. How to brew cold brew with a smart dripper.

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