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El Salvador Finca EL Gobiabo

The Republic of El Salvador, the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America, it is the home of the Finca EL Gobiabo. At the elevation 1,300 meters, this jade colour aromatic plantation sits quietly in the town of Ataco, in Ahuachapan, western El Salvador, where known for the ideal climate and altitude for growing coffee.

Finca EL Gobiabo is run by the Alfaro Family, with coverage of 12 hectares, mainly with Bourbon and Pacas coffee trees along with 60% shade covers of Ingo trees, sheltering hundreds of the native and migratory bird species. During the harvesting season, the perfectly ripe shiny red coffee cherries were sent to the local mill El Carmen owned by their family and de-pulp in the same day. The coffee bean will then be fermented, washed and sun-dried for 14-16 days. Before size screening, the beans will be stored in parchment in wooden silos to left for "rest" for 60 days under carefully controlled conditions and cupped consistently during storage. Palicoffee chooses to roast this coffee bean with a medium roasting level to highlight their aroma in equilibrium manner. You will found balanced cocoa nibs, tropical fruits, honey and bittersweet aroma in your cup.

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