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Drink Coffee is Not Sustainable?

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Recently, there're voices saying that drinking coffee is not eco-friendly because it needs so much watch to have the coffee tree grow and have the bean processed before it becomes coffee. It raises a question in many people's minds, can coffee quality go hands in hands with sustainability?

First of all, as a practitioner of the coffee industry, we must say, the coffee industry has been going hands in hands with the environmental industry, considering and practicing sustainability producing for more than a decade.

For those coffee beans coming from the "undeveloped" origins like Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda etcetera, it is very often that the coffee beans are coming wild coffee trees that were found and grow in natural forests on high mountains. So it's not relevant in saying that coffee tree growing is not eco-friendly because they need so much water to grow since in this case, the coffee farmers don't actually need to water the trees. The water sources and system used in the mountains is hardly the same as in the city, so it's not fair to say the use of water during the wet process is causing problems to the environment. The aims of the wet process during coffee bean processing are to clean the surface of the coffee cherry (to remove mud and dust), for quality selection and removal of cherry seed, the green beans and also fermenting. In most cases, only clear water is used except the decaf beans. So water pollution produced is very likely harmless organic waste that already exists in nature. However, ecologically sensitive farms would reprocess the wastewater and have these organic compost to be used in soil fertilization programs. In short, it's not comprehensive nor appropriated to say drinking coffee is not eco-friendly just by the water consumption during the growing and processes for coffee beans without an in-depth understanding of the industry. In fact, the coffee industry is environmental industry in the more developed origins. Let's get closer to the bottom in the coming article. #Sustainability #EnvironmentalIssue #Coffee #CoffeeBean

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