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Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Zahiro

The highly values environmentally friendly estate, Cumbres del Poas sits in the fertile Central Valley, Poas, a volcanic area of Costa Rica. The soil in Poas is so rich that they manage to maintain a 100% organic cultivation. They are one of the earliest producers who practice honey processed and sun-dried coffee bean. The coffee beans produced by Poas are usually very unique with outstanding sweetness. Sweetness can be measured with a Brix meter, the Brix value for general fruits like lemon, apple and passion fruits are 12, 14 and 18. In Cumbres del Poas, only fruits with over 20% sweetness (usually 21-22%) will be sundried and process to green bean.

There are two particularly famous beans under this farm, Zahiro and Black Rose. In which, Zahiro is a very labor intensive natural processed coffee bean, the workers hand-pick only the high sugar content cherries then sundry for ten days on the African drying bed. Follow with slow direct thermal sun drying until moisture content reduced to 11.5%, which involve a huge labor force to take care the cherries as the cherries may easily rotten during the fermentation. When the coffee cherries turn black, it's ready to process into green bean. Palicoffee is crafting the Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Zahiro with medium roast to deliver you the winey tropical fruit and passion fruit character of this bean.

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