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Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Montercristo

image from Coffea Diversa facebook, by Luciano Capelli. Diverse Coffea Garden in Biolley Costa Rica, 2016.
"We are not a coffee farm, We are a coffee garden."

was the first thing we saw when we get into their official website. Coffea Diversa is a coffee field in the remote district of Biolley in Costa Rica, in the same place with the world’s largest unaltered tropical forest, Coffea Diversa is located in the La Amistad International Forest Reserve, which is close to the border of Panama. Close to the top of the Talamanca Mountain Range with an 1200 -1350 m altitude, together with the micro-climate from both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, give a unique taste profile to their coffee, as well the fertile soil of reserved forest that's perfect for coffee cultivation, Coffea Diversa has a board coffee variations of over 700 varieties, include quite a number of rare botanical varieties, natural mutants, and cultivars. Coffee beans from these rare varieties were produced in limited amounts to the public. Palicoffee picked the rare Montecristo variety for your taste buds with pleasure.

Montecristo is a natural cross of Bourbon and Typica originated in Costa Rica in the 1930s and being recognized as one of the best coffee in the world. While Caturra and Catuai cultivars in the 1970s, Montecristo was being completely replaced in the coffee market as they were more liable to cultivate.

With the ever changing aromatic complexity of floral tones, lavender, raspberry, lemon, dark grape and cherry will in turn come to tickle your taste buds through the soft and bright acidity medium body fluid.

Here's a nice short clip about Coffea Diversa from the YouTube channel Hortensia Solís. Let's visit this beautiful coffee garden together.

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