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Colombia Huila Finca La Argentina

Updated: Jan 11

Photo by Tiff Ng from Pexels

Finca La Argentina is a coffee farm in Huila region of Colombia, sitting in the town Acevedo with an elevation of 1,750 m above sea level, owned by Edgard Ramirez and his wife Fanny. Other than cherries from their own 20 hectares micro-farm, they as well make purchases from small farms in the region and process. The speciality of their farm is specialty coffee, with the help of a growers' association in the town Acevedo in Huila, Precooperativa Comercializadora de Café del Sur ( COFFEESUR ), they turn their interest to the production of micro-lots with special varieties for the high-quality coffee beans. The farm Finca La Argentina maintain a sustainable environment to the area with a plentiful variety of native plantations. As a result, coffee beans produced from their farm often deliver complex cupping note, especially when the coffee trees are surrounded with fruit trees like dragonfruit, peach, orange, tangerine, lime, guava and sugarcane, it explains the notes of sweetness and fruitiness in the brew.

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