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Chrismas Beverage With Palicoffee

Other than the Christmas tree and wall decorations, what else to prepare for a perfect Christmas? A refreshingly seasonal drink! What can be better than wine and coffee with the scent of orange as the Christmas beverage? To make the Orange Ambrosia Coffee, prefer 150ml hot Christmas Bear S.O. Coffee (blend), ginger powder (0.5-1tea spoon), a sugar cube, 20 and 10 ml brandy and 10 ml orange rum. First of all, add ginger powder to the cup and pour in the rich Christmas Bear Coffee. Add 10ml brandy and orange rum into the cup. Lay a teaspoon on the edge of the cup, gently put the sugar cube onto the spoon and drip the 20ml brandy to the sugar, carefully light up the sugar and wait until the flame goes out. Stir the syrup into the coffee. Here's your Christmas beverage, the Orange Ambrosia Coffee.

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