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Burundi Gisha Gatare

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Burundi is a small country located on the south of Rwanda in east-central Africa. Affected by the political instability, the coffee industry in Burundi had been going through sudden and extreme ups and downs in the past decades like most of the other sectors of the economy.

Like other Africa origins, coffee beans in Burundi are usually produced in micro-lots. Which farmers own small farms and deliver their products to centralized local stations to process. Where the beans will then be sold under the name of the station.

Gisha is a washing station located in the area Gisha, near the Nyamuswaga river. In Gisha Washing Station, the coffee cherries came from farms located at an elevation of 1,600m above sea level. Gatare is the name of the lot of coffee, which the coffee cherry came from the hill located in Gashikanwa commune in Ngozi province.

The coffee bean processed through dry fermentation with a similar style to Kenya, dry fermentation roughly 12 hours after de-pulping, followed by a soak of 12–14 hours in mountain water for sorting, then soaked again for 12–18 hours before being dried in parchment on raised beds. Palicoffee has imported the natural processed Burundi Gisha Gatare and roasted to the level that you will find your cup filled with the aroma of peaches, plums, red apple, tangerine, grapes, and caramel.

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