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Anaerobic Sundry-Heap Fermentation Process

Photo by Og Mpango from Pexels

There are basically 3 common types of coffee process method, natural, washed and honey. Sundry is the other name of "natural" in the coffee process. This type of process is aimed at keeping the original character of the coffee bean as primitive as possible. However, some producers who seek higher ground in the coffee flavour are developing their own way to process the beans, so rare or complicated processes like red honey, slow dry, double soak and so on were introduced to the market. The new processes were usually developed based on the 3 typical methods, modify by adjusting the time and other natural conditions for the fermentation in order to achieve for the particular result. While anaerobic sundry-heap fermentation is one of these newly developed methods, introduced by Santa Felisa El Paraxa. As this is their very own recipe there are not many details to be found. According to Santa Felisa El Paraxa, their coffee beans were fermented inside the cherries. On the contrary to most producers, coffee beans were put under nice air circulation condition, their fermentation process of the beans was done under an anaerobic environment. Characters of the cherry itself will be infused into the seed, the coffee bean through the eight hours fermentation. Follows with sundry for another 25 days, the coffee bean is ready for the market.

After medium roasted by our roaster, their delicately processed bean will deliver the intense fruitiness and sweetness of peaches, plums, red apple, tangerine, grapes, and caramel. Try now.

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