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Taiwan Alishan Honey and Natural

Alishan is a scenic located in Chiayi County, just south of the center of Taiwan. When considering it is also a world famous high quality high mountain Oolong Tea origin, it's not surprising when character of tea were found in the notes that coffee beans from this area delivered.

With the unique quality tea character combined with the aroma of coffee, Alishan coffee bean has drawn the attention of the Japanese and became another popular choice other than blue mountain. This is our pleasure to introduce you the Alishan Honey Processed Coffee Bean and Alishan Natural Processed Coffee Bean. For those interested in the tea character coffee, we would highly recommended the Alishan Natural with taste note of cinnamon, winey and honey flavour Black Tea. For oriental touch, Alishan Honey is a option while they deliver the sweet aroma of Longan honey, brandy and a hint of floral

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