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Costa Rica La Pira Typica Honey

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

La Pira Estate, owned by Carlos Pira, the scientist or the engineer of coffee many green-coffee buyers would call him. This is what makes the bean from this estate special.
La Pira Estate is located in Dota valley of the Tarrazu region, which is also well known in producing high quality coffee bean. This 50 year old coffee estate grow their products by holding the organic principles close, like, instead of using chemicals to control the weeds, sheep were roam freely amongst the coffee plants to eat and remove the weeds and as well as fertilizing the soil.
Carlos Pira was called engineer because he's able to figure out unique ways to improve the products from their estate. For example, coffee cherry will not be processed in ambient temperature water but cold water and soak for overnight in order to enhance the sweetness in the cherry. The beans will than be depulped, pre-dry for 3–4 days under the sun and brought into the greenhouse for another 15–20 days.

Taste note of this bean is fruity with toffee and cane sugar; sweet with intense acidity and a smooth mouthfeel.

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