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Santa Felisa Red Pacamara Natural

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

Santa Felisa is a historical Guatemala coffee farm established in Acatenango region at 1904. While they are celebrating their 115th anniversary of foundation this year, we would like to introduce you their quality natural processed Red Pacamara.

The forth generation coffee producers Los Jutes and Parraxaj, Anabella, Antonio and Ana Lucia Meneses are now managing and operating the farm. They pay attention to the sustainability issues. Their managements bring in the concept of Precise Agriculture with Ecologic emphasis 10 years ago, working with the community and aiming at understanding the natural systems by analysing every day's work under the laws of nature.

Acatenango region where the farm located is a volcanic area, with the peaks Pico Mayor and Yepocapa and joined with Volcán de Fuego and collectively the volcano complex is known as La Horqueta provide not only rich soil to the farm but as well a great elevation of 1550-1900m, moderate temperature of 17ºC-23ºC with annual rainfall 1,200-1,500 mm and average humidity 70%. With the benefit from nature and their good use of agronomy, over 30 quality varieties were grown in their farm. Through testing their over 30 different varieties in a pilot field before planting only those that will develop ideally with the conditions of our farms. Santa Felisa won the first prize in Cup of Excellence competition with their Red Pacamara Natural in year 2017.

This winning bean came from a Red Pacamara plant, with cherries ripen slowly under 70 percent of shade to ensure the a high percentage of sugar to transform into Acids. These bean was first of all pre-fermented under anaerobic conditions, and then slow dried for 35 days. By doing do, this bean gives an Intense and juice flavors, sweet, creamy cup profile.

This coffee presents a complex flavour characteristics like bitter chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, peach and vanilla. Spicy aftertaste with cinnamon notes.

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