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Coffee Dripper: Ribs and No Ribs, Designs and Flavor

Have you ever wonder why ribs were found on the inner wall of some coffee drippers and some weren't? Why some were having long straight ribs while some were having shorter ones or lightly curved ones? The answer lies behind the role of these ribs in coffee making.

Ribs craved on the inner wall of coffee dripper were meant to create a gap between the filter paper and the dripper itself. Form and scale of this gap would directly affect the rate of the water flow during the blew, which makes a great differenc on taste of the coffee, especially when taste of coffee depends greatly on how and how long hot water direct contact with the grinds.

In short, forms and number of ribs directly affect the taste of brew. Ribs that gives slow extraction rates like short ribs, thick ribs, curve ribs usually result in stronger brew, less sour brew; while thin long ribs, closely arranged ribs provide high extraction speed when compared would more unlike to have over extraction during brew and give less bitter brew. Different coffee bean carries different aroma and each individual needs particular roasting level to bring the best of them, it is absolutely the same when it comes to brewing. Different extraction rate gives different results and suitable for balancing or highlighting a particular aroma in coffee beans. By making good use of different rib design filters, we'll be able to create vary style brews with the same coffee bean and the simplest technique.

Sounds fun right?

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