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Coffee Culture in France - Ordering Coffee In France

It is always being the hottest item when people talking about their Travel Bucket List, "Enjoy a coffee at the outdoor area of a cafe along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or just any street in Paris". Imagine how beautiful it is to unwind in the postcard like cafe while sipping a nice cup of coffee. While you close your eyes and put your lips to edge of the cup, oops, you just found that's the coffee is nothing like expected but an espresso, the really strong black coffee which meant for a quick pick-me-up instead. To avoid ruining your lovely day, may be there're few things you would like to know for ordering coffee in Paris.

First of all, coffee in France or Paris is unique from other parts of the world, they do have espresso drinks but no cappuccino nor latte etc, because those are from Italy, not France. If you say café, you'll probably get an espresso since this is the most commonly ordered coffee drink in the city. Here's what other espresso based coffee drink named in France: extra strong espresso -> Un serré macchiato -> Une noisette

something similar to cappuccino -> café crème flat white -> lucky us, flat white made it's way to Paris

filter coffee -> café Americana or café filtré should be closest thing you can get

About time, like Italian, certain coffee were only meant to order or drink during a particular period of the day. Any drink with milk are only meant to drink during breakfast, other black coffee can be drink at any time during the rest of the day , just never with food.

Coffee in France really shows the personalty of the French. They have their very own style and different from the Italian coffee or those we get from the American chain coffee shops, plus, they don't even drink ice coffee. If you would prefer your coffee in Italian or American style or an ice coffee, the best place you can get what you want will be the American brand chain coffee shops or those high quality cafe near the tourist spots.

Finally, the most important point, if you are having your coffee in the café or on the terrace the order is sur place.

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