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Secrets of Coffee, Meanings Behind Their Names III

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In our previous article "Secrets of Coffee, Meanings Behind Their Names" and "Secrets of Coffee, Meanings Behind Their Names II", we've talked about the mystery behind some coffee names, today, we are going to introduce you more :)


The word caffè espresso has been used since 1880's which was way before the espresso coffee maker invented. Other than being as a description of how this coffee is made, espresso also translates to the phrase, "made to order".


Which came from how it was first made and who made it. Obvious enough, it was first made by American. The American soldiers dilute their coffee with water to lessen the bitterness in their coffee during World War II.


The word macchiato in Italian means, "spotted," so that's the name of a drink topped with a very small amount of foamed milk.

Piccolo Latte

The word piccolo means "small" in Italian though it was invented in Sydney, which Piccolo Latte is a strong mini size latte in an espresso cup or glass.


Ristretto, limited or restricted in English, when it's uesed in coffee, an espresso with limited amount of water used, that's extra strong espresso.


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