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The Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gift : Coffee Orange Cinnamon Floating Candle In A Jar

Some people found it stressful when it comes to Christmas, one of the reason is that there are thousand things to prepare including uncountable gifts and favors for their love ones. It's not difficult to understand how horrible it will be when one found that he left out someone's Christmas gift just before the day!!

This last minute gift idea is aimed at rescuing anyone who fall into this situation, with a few home ingredients, you will get an awesome gift for your love ones within 10 minutes.

You will need:

A clean and dry mason jar or any glass jar (even old pickle jars, just print a holiday label and cover the old one )

A ribbon (optional)

A little card to put your greetings and instruction

A few fresh orange peel (washed and dry) or dry orange slides

Cinnamon Stick

Dark roasted coffee beans

Grounded dark roasted coffee

A t-light or float candle

It is nothing difficult, just like any other floating citronella candles, the only different is we can even skip the essential oil or citronella oil in this recipe, and it's more safe to use and easier for clean up as there's no oil in the water.


1. Cover bottom of the jar with a thick layer of coffee beans (about 1/5)

2. Place 2/3 of the grounded coffee on top

3. Put in 1/3 of the orange peel / dry orange slices

4. Pour the remaining coffee ground and afterwards, rest of the orange peel / slices and cinnamon stick.

5. Finally, put the candle on top and cap.

6. Last but not least, decorate your jar and make sure you include an instruction for the candle, instruction as following:

"Remove the candle and pour hot water into the jar until covering every ingredients. Light up the candle and put it onto the water, sit back and enjoy the Christmas fragrance. Caution: Avoid direct sunlight, children and pets. Keep away from children and pets when use. Handmade with love, please use before 2nd Jan :) "

Wish you a Happy Holiday!

*all images in this article are from pinterest*

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