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How about an ice-cream for your Holiday dessert? 4 ingredients Mocha Banana Ice-cream

It's never too cold to enjoy ice-cream, especially in this season of joy, who can resist a creamy sweet treat after meal?

Inspired by 4 ingredients Choc-Banana Ice Cream, we introduce you this very simple refreshing coffee dessert to perfect your Christmas fest.

You will need (for 4) :

1 shot (2oz/60ml) espresso (can be done by Aeropress)

150g sliced frozen bananas

60g raw cacao powder

190ml coocnut milk


1. Put everything into a food processor or blender and process until puree

2. You may either serve immediately or set your loaf tin with a baking paper and freeze your ice-cream until set (around 4 hours)

If you want to make your work even more easy, you may make a super strong instant coffee to replace the espresso.

Coffee recommendation for making this dessert: any origin with in Africa.

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