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Yara is a farm located in Kiambu District of Central Kenya.

Kiambu is the heartland of traditional coffee growing in Kenya, it's a region with well developed large scale tea and coffee estates, they were generally known as Yara Estate. This farm was established by a British in 1902 then was ran by different families until 1971 when the Gatatha Farmers Co. Ltd took over the place.

Yara is a farm with an average elevation of 1732 m above sea level, other than tea trees along the lower lands, they crops are mainly on F1 hybrid program developed or other hybrid coffee trees like SL34, SL28 and Ruiru 11.

With average rainfall of 988-1300mm, rich and deep well drained red loam soil and the good disease resistance of the hybrids, Yara is able to produce an average of 95-250 metric tons of organic coffee each year, the bean we prepared for you this time, the AA, only accounted for 20% per average lot.

One point worth talking about is Yara is a sustainable coffee farm with broad biodiversity in their farm, like Gravellier, indigenous trees and Eucalyptus trees, also wild life animals like antelopes, hyenas, porcupines, squirrels, anteaters, monkeys, rabbits and many others were welcomed.

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