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Ethiopia Tade GG Guji

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Tade GG is a farm located in Guji, the Oromia Region, southern part of Ethiopia. Oromia is one of the largest specialty coffee growing region and Guji is a less known part of Oromia. Other than coffee, this territory also produce guava and other tropical fruits. Tade GG as a private farm of 221 hectares with an elevation of 1830-1950 m above sea level, the dry weather together with it's deep red brown covered rich volcanic soil ensured the coffee cherry to have a slow growth and allows it's character and flavor to fully developed when ripe. Through different process, Tade GG coffee bean shows the world totally different faces, if washed, it is candied lemon, dried berry, bergamot with crisp finish, with honey processed, it is gives us stone fruits, mandarin, red grapes and hint of cocoa, when it's natural processed, it presents us lemon acidity, mild florals, cherry, milk chocolate and jam. Try these fabulous beans from Tade GG now.

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