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Will coffee cure a hangover?

It's true and not true! If you didn't slept well, coffee might help as it stimulate the nervous system and improve focus, however, it does no help in clearing the alcohol in your system. So it only improve your focus and sober you up and no more than that.

An espresso has more caffeine than other brewing method?

It's true that brewing method of your coffee affects the caffeine content, but it doesn't mean that your shot of espresso contains more caffeine than your cup of hand drip coffee or cold brew. The extraction of caffeine is directly related to brewing time, water temperature and pressure when brew. It is true although the brewing water temperature and pressure is high for espresso, as it is always served in shot it contain contain less caffeine when compared to a cup of hand drip. You may refer to out other articles ("Caffeine The Myth - Deep roasted and Espresso contains more caffeine?" and "Coffee Is The Drink Contains Least Caffeine And Most Caffeine") for details.

Drinking coffee in afternoon cause insomnia?

It's might be true if you drink a lot or drink in late afternoon. Caffeine is processed through the liver fairly quickly and around 75% of them will be flushed out of the body within 4 to 7 hours. So, it should be fine if you doesn't go to bed too early :)

Coffee is healthier than energy drinks?

This is very true, especially when you are drinking fresh brews and black coffee. As most energy drink and caffeine supplements contain lots of sugar and tones of chemical additives.

Will coffee cause dehydration?

There's research proven that it's a misconception, it's true that caffeine is a substance that makes you urinate, but, coffee is a drink that brew with pure water, so it doesn't dehydrates your body but increasing your daily fluid intake. Basically, it's just the water going out being replaced with the water going in.

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Thanks you DNews for making this animation and also seek for publishing this on YouTube, I'm sure it satisfied the curiosity of many people.

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