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Clumsy Birds Have to Start Flying Early, Young Birds Best to Brewing with Smart2Dripper

Smart2Dripper is a great brewing tool not limited to beginners of manual brewing, as well endearingly clumsy brewers and busy coffee lovers. This dripper function as a regular coffee dripper and at the same time capable of immersion brewing. Since the dual function feature enables it to compensates the imperfection during the hand brew and save the coffee from immature pour over brewing as an immersion brew, users are free to do their practise without murdering the coffee, or even explore different recipes and experiments . As coffee kettle is not necessary for using this dripper, it's certainly a star for budgeted beginners or coffee lovers.


Immersion Brew Recipe Used In The Demonstration
for 1 cup
water: 210g/ ml 94°C hot water total time: 3'15''
coffee grind: 15 g, medium size
Set and wet the filter paper into the Smart2dripper, wet the coffee grind with 30 g/ml hot water, stir and let bloom for 15 sec. Pour the remaining water into the dripper, stir and cover. Set onto a glass server or directly onto a cup after 90 sec.

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