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Make A Coffee Shop Quality Home Brew: The Essential Factor Always Been Overlooked

Try to name three essential factors of a quality brew in coffee, let me guess, I bet nothing about coffee grinding crossed your mind! It is surly important to have quality coffee beans and certain skills to make a beautiful brew, which needs plenty of time and affords to achieve. If you are looking for a short cut to make improvements of your brew, it will be a good idea to look into your coffee grinder. Coffee grinding quality is the easiest to control and maintain in home brewing. Get A Quality Grinder That Fits Your Needs

It is tricky to pick a perfect grinder for coffee lovers in our city, as electric grinders usually huge for Hong Kong household yet tiny manual grinder is more like a harsh physical training session. Despite from size, we should pay more attention to the grind range and quality of the grinder. It is best to choose coffee grinder with stainless steel grind burr, surly, any professional grade grinder like the FUJI ROYAL COFFEE MILL R-220 in our store will meet this bottom line. This grinder is definitely not the most petite among all the household grinders on market and far to heavy to move around, however it's not surprisingly it's flaming hot on market when it look so cool that people fall in love at their first sight. Imagine an elevation of the mood and style of your space when the stunning grinder sits on your counter top artfully grinding and spreading the aroma of your high quality coffee into the atmosphere, I guess no one would prefer leaving it into the dark cupboard instead.

Different Grind Size for Different Brew

Grind size directly the extraction rate of flavours from the coffee bean, too large may lead to under extraction and your coffee will taste like water; while too fine cause over extraction and make your coffee bitter. So make sure you choose the right grind size your brew, the basic concept is medium size for filter brew types and finer grind size for pressure brew types. Grinders with 10 precise grinding levels like the FUJI ROYAL COFFEE MILL R-220 will serve most brew.

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