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Blended Coffee Bean: The Palicoffee Signiture S.O. Summer Blend

This summer is burning hot, the fiery sun, unexpected downpours and stuffy air, a boost is definitely needed to rock the day. How about a morning coffee the leads you to a cheerful blossoming garden that fills with refreshing fruitiness of berries and sweet cherries. This is how the idea of the our signature S.O. summer blend, Fruit Blossom was born.

The Fruit Blossom is the first blend coffee Palicoffee ever launched, you will see the whole truth of Ethiopian coffee though this simple mix of natural and wash processed coffee bean from this origin. Despite the fact that Ethiopian coffee bean is well known for their fruitiness and citrusy, they are complex and highly flexible in terms of aroma and taste level. By carefully controlling the roasting conditions and designing the proportion of the blend, completely different flavor and aroma will manifested. Rather than a clear impression of citrusy, when the hidden aroma like floral was brought to surface, it subverts the everyone's impression of Ethiopian coffee.

Fruit Blossom is our recommendation for the fuggy days.

Take a deep breathe and get intoxicated in the aroma of berry and cherry.

Take a sip and get refreshed by the sweetness of ripe orange and stewed berries.

Close your eyes and let the jasmine blossom over your tongue.


pause and enjoy the gradually fading juicy-sweet after taste.

Now, you are ready to rock your wonderful sunny day.

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