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Enjoy a Hand Drip Coffee without Pain : Auto Pour-Over

Drinking hand drip has been a trend in Hong Kong during the recent years, people not only enjoy it in specialty coffee shops but even attending workshops so that they can make their own brew at home. The reason is simple, hand drip is a very practice way of brewing to bring all the flavour from every single bits of the bean to your cup perfectly, which is the traditional coffee machines seldom focus on. It is a pity, and more to be sorry about is that most of us are too busy to visit the specialty coffee shops or even make our own hand drip to cheer up our spirit.

It seems the coffee god heard our scream! It gave us the auto pour-over maker.

Auto pour-over coffee makers were so much more than an improved drip coffee machine, they were designed to imitate actual manual hand drip brews. Take the Aroma-Pro Coffee Maker in our store as an example, the pour-over shower-head was specially designed for an even coffee bed saturation so that every essence will be extracted from the coffee, which the traditional coffee makers were always missing. Under the team's perseverance revision together with the help of professional barista and countless cupping, just for the water flow occur by the coffee maker during the brew so as to recreates the act of water when a barista do their hand drip brew.

Other major differences between traditional coffee maker and the auto pour-over are brewing temperature and time. As these two factors can make heaven or hell, it's never a good auto pour-over if it can't manage those, no matter it's a fancy artificial intelligence one or a modest home friendly type. The household friendly Aroma-Pro for example, thoughtfully maintain the water temperature between 92°C-96°C throughout the whole brewing process as well an ideal coffee ground contact time between 4-8 minutes yet including the very important full blooming time before it's brew. Well, what else can we ask for when we can enjoy a quality pour-over everyday with a pulse brew for full blooming that doesn't cost a pretty penny :)

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