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Free Coffee Tasting on 16-19 Aug at HKTDC Food Expo! (Open for public)

Palicoffee will be joining the HKTDC Food Expo 2018 (香港貿發局美食博覽 2018) !!

Our roaster and baristas will be there to tailor made hand drips coffee for you. Visit us and enjoy a FREE coffee of your choice @ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (3/F, Hall3, Gourmet Zone Booth 3B-C18 , Gourmet Zone entrances will be inside Hall 3C, map available here)

* Hall 3B only open on 16-19 Aug, 10:00am – 22:00pm. To enter the Gourmet Zone, you will need a "HKTDC Food Expo Public Hall and Gourmet Zone" combo ticket or by invitation. Public visitors with valid tickets for HKTDC Food Expo will be admitted free of charge. Please click here for further information about the ticketing.


FRESH HAND DRIP n COLD BREW will be offered this year

we encourage BYOB Unlike last year, we are not only selling coffee bean but brew as well in this coming Food Expo!

The Food Expo organizer is providing free drinking water in some hall for visitors, visitors are encouraged to BYOB, as to reduce the tons of disposable containers produced during the Food Expo. To further minimize the waste, we are more than happy to offer our helping hands.

We treasure our environment, we cherish not only by words but actions. Now we would like to invite you to join us by taking the step to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), while enjoying the perfect cup also reduce waste and protect our environment together :)

Hand drip coffee and cold brew will be available for purchase, as to act in concert with the BYOB campaign, coffee will be sold in volume instead of cups as unit. There will be 250ml for hand drip and 100ml for cold brew per unit. So please kindly visit us with your own bottle or cup with adequate volume.


Most coffee shop, especially the chain stores are offering blend beans instead of single origin beans; in contrast, specialty coffee shop tend to do in reverse way. This is because of the control of cost, flavor and quality of the beans, if you are interested, you may refer to our previous article for further details.

Though Palicoffee only do specialty quality coffee, as all round roaster, we are committed to explore and bring to you the coffee with design and inspirations. During the food expo, you are going to experience a new realm through our summer blend with specialty coffee.


The path of elevation never ends in the coffee world, the whole coffee industry is evolving every minute, so as we. It is always joyful to bring our followers the greatest through our hands, I mean, how can we miss the favorable tools when we are aiming at a top brew? In the Food Expo this year, you'll find a good range of new domestic friendly brewing utensils in our booth that assist your brew like a pro, the Smart Dipper, Aroma-Pro Coffee Maker and Fellow Electric Pour Over Kettle. More, the stunning Japanese brand items like KALITA Glass server 300G, KALITA Glass Dripper and Fuji Royal Coffee Grinder, made in Japan collection CAFEC Ceramic Coffee Dripper, CAFEC Abaca Coffee Paper Filter and KALITA wave paper filter.

LIMITED OFFER for HKTDC FOOD EXPO 2018 What can be more exciting than buying good stuffs with lovely price? We understand that, so we are going to bring you our barista selection with special offers!

COMBO Set A ideal for beginners

include: CAFEC ceramic dripper

CAFEC paper filter

1 pack coffee bean

COMBO Set B selected for casual handy brews

​include: CAFEC ceramic dripper

CAFEC paper filter

1 pack coffee bean Glass server

COMBO Set C perfect for elevation to good home barista

include: CAFEC ceramic dripper CAFEC paper filter

1 pack coffee bean Glass server pour-over kettle

What's more?

Other than those we've introduced above, there'll also be several coffee bean and brewing tools ready for your purchase :)


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe KONGA G1 Natural

Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Worka G1 Washed (SORRY, REPLACED, no longer available)

Kenya NYERI AA+++ Double Washed


Myanmar Orange Honey

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Washed


Handy coffee grinder

Aroma coffee grinder TIAMO 5 cups cold brewer PALICO coffee scale TIAMO 0.42L Pour Over Kettle (bronze) 一屋窟0.35L Pour Over Kettle (SUS)

Get There:

Booth 3B-C18, Hall 3B, 3/F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

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