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Store Coffee Like Professionals

To be honest, we found people are surprising creative on how they store coffee. We’ve seen people storing their coffee beans in the bean hopper of their grinder or put along the windowsill with stack-able but non air-tight clear glass jewelry organizers with ready grounded coffee grinds labeled for different brewing methods. It seems people are considering about convenient but forgotten one very important fact that COFFEE IS INDEED VERY SENSITIVE, the attitude on the storage reflects in the brew and at the end comes as a reward or punishment through your cup!

'Proper storage can’t raise the beans from dead but

save the good ones from falling.

The coffee bean is the roasted seed from coffee cherry, though it’s processed and dried, it doesn’t change the fact that it could easily goes bad and lost valuable nutrients and flavor earlier than people thought it will be. Though coffee bean is packed with natural antioxidant, as antioxidant helps preserve food and being widely use as food preservative, the antioxidant does consume when it inhibit oxidation, in short, when there is oxygen. So the basic idea of good coffee storage is to keep the bean from oxygen and reserve as much antioxidant as we can. To do so, may be before picking the container, pick the good quality bean! According to new medical life science, by comparison of potential between coffee beans, they suggested higher quality coffee beans provide better free scavenging, they have higher oxygen radical absorbance capacity, that's the beans can stay fresh for longer when compared with the poor quality ones. Other than that, buy whole bean and grind just before brew to minimize the contact of oxygen.

When you have the right beans, store them in non-plastic air-tight container. Ceramic, stainless steel and even glass container are good options as long as they are air-tight and keep in proper place as smells clear from these materials easily. If the container is large enough, it's a good idea to do the storage with coffee packing. Squeeze out as much air as you can and seal the package before putting into the container. Or another way is to have several mini air-tight containers to have the whole beans storage according to consumption of one or two brews.

Like all other food, light, temperature and humidity are bean’s enemy. Avoid warm places as it speed up the deteriorate, avoid cold places like freezer or refrigerator as it attract moist to the bean when the bean come contact with air and the moist certainly goes into the container when it’s open and again speed up the deteriorate. Plus, coffee bean is a effective deodorizer alternative for fridge as it absorb odors, so imagine your coffee with smell and taste like your fridge. So room temperature is properly the best. Any cool dry places in your home will be appropriate, just avoid direct sun light and smelly places.

Of Course, the best place to store is inside your body. Finish as soon as you can, buy in small batch so that you can finish the pack within one or two weeks.

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