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Global Climate Change and Your Coffee

Coffee is one of the most traded agricultural products in the world and still growing in it's popularity. When the whole industry is hot as fire with the massive heat from the passionate coffee lovers all over the world, it on the other hand caught fire from the burning sun and dramatic global climate change.

What it takes to grow good coffee are high quality soil with adequate sunlight, temperature (sunny hot days with cool nights) and rainfall. Affected by the frequent rises severe climates and extreme weather, many of the traditional coffee origins or farms are getting into crisis. If the farmers are "lucky" enough they might either move up their farm to higher lands or grow alternative varieties, however it always takes years to see if these salvation plans work and the uncertainty of unpredictable weather events makes it even harder to adapt, as a result many farms are facing collapse of production even though actions has been taken, especially those larger farms which involves broad lands and huge labours and very small folks who don't have the resources, it's hard to imagine the downturn can be so sudden like for example folks in Puno, Peru, who used to produce 10-15 bags annual of parchment and now only producing 3-5 bags.

Even more worrying, some areas like Nicaragua in Central America were predicted that 80% of the current coffee farm will no longer be suitable for coffee cultivation by 2050, and the optimum altitude for growing coffee are moving up for 200 m by 2020 and 400 m by 2050 in Central and South America.

Global warming is definitely shattering the coffee world, the quality, quantity and varieties of the coffee produced by the traditional origins for the highest quality coffee farms like Panama are surly facing great impacts. The issue mentioned above is just one of the most predictable and obvious problem amount the whole lot of complicated issues the farmers are facing. There are uncountable torments that outsiders could hardly foresee if the insiders don't whistle. Erratic rainfall patterns makes your daily life inconvenience, but for coffee farms, it's far more than that. The crazy rain pattern and multiple unstable flushes makes coffee planting and harvest much difficult and annoyingly complicated. Coffee trees planted under same growing conditions are having different growing status, trees with same variety used to blossom in very close time phase, they are now like growing in chaos while when a number in flower, a few already in cherry or even ready to pick and some is not flowering yet. As treatment varies by growing status and cherry has to be picked at the exact right ripening level, farmers has to non-stop revisiting the fields instead of well planned schedule like in the past.

Global climate change and it's impact to the world coffee industry is a topic that worth in depth exploration, stay tune to us, stay alert to climate change, appreciate your cup when you still have it.

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