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Make Caife Gailege like an Irish: Traditional Irish Coffee Recipe

Image by jules / stone soup - irish coffee, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10753736 Caife Gailege is Irish Coffee in Irish, you can say it's a coffee or cocktail. Although it's definitely coffee when we talk about proportion of liquid, the strong alcoholic flavour makes taste cocktail. It is an alcoholic drink made with Irish whiskey, coffee and brown sugar top with thick cream with it's first recipe developed at least 100 years ago. According to Irish whiskey museum, Irish coffee was introduced to the world by American in 1940s when it was still the era of flying boats and Foynes was one of biggest airport among European cities. A restaurant was opened to serve passengers from U.S. like Hollywood stars and important political figures. As to warm the guests up, chef Joe Sheridan created the first Irish Coffee. When an American passenger first drank it he asked “Is this Brazilian coffee?”, Joe replied “No, that’s Irish coffee”. That's one of the story how the first Irish coffee was born. Irish Coffee Recipe:

1 shot Irish Whiskey 1 cup hot Strong Black Coffee << medium roasted coffee is recommended 1 tsp Brown sugar << it's tradition in using brown sugar instead of other sugar Lightly whipped cream << or unwhipped light whip cream


1. Heat up the glass and tea spoon with hot water and pour away

2. Add a tea spoon of brown sugar to the glass

3. Add a shot of Irish Whiskey then the hot coffee and stir until sugar melt

4. Gently pour light whipped cream to top by pouring it over to back of the spoon to spread and advoid sinking.

Following is the demonstration how the Irish make Irish Coffee, produced by the Tourism Ireland


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