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The Beginning of Coffee: Oromo's Ethiopia West Arsi G1

This image shows the ancient coffee ceremony, from: ethiopianfood.files.wordpress.com

Ethiopia is a country located at East Africa and covers an area of 1,126,829 km² with highest elevation of 4620 m. It is of cause not possible there is only one area, Yirgacheffe suitable for coffee cultivation across the whole country. The origin we able to introduce in this article West Arsi is another area having great contribution in this "black gold mining" industry in Ethiopia.

According to wikipedia : "West Arsi (Amharic: Mirab Arsi; Oromo: Arsii Lixaa/Dhihaa) is one of the zones of the Oromia Region in Ethiopia. This zone is named after a subgroup of the Oromo, who inhabit it. West Arsi was formed of woredas which included to Arsi, Bale and East Shewa zones." ( Woreda can also spelled as wereda. they are districts carry the third-level administrative divisions of Ethiopia. They are further subdivided into a number of wards (kebele) or neighborhood associations, which are the smallest unit of local government in Ethiopia. In According to Central Statistical Agencyof Ethiopia (CSA), there are about 88.52% population in West Arsi were Oromo (88.52%), this is very important in coffee world, because they are the first tribe consume coffee in human history, and 50% of coffee produced in Ethiopia were from this area.

We are excited to announce PALICOFFEE is launching a new batch from this distinctive traditional origin of coffee, the Ethiopia West Arsi G1 natural processed coffee bean. This Ethiopia West Arsi like virtually all southern Ethiopia coffee display intense and extravagant aromatic profiles with citrus, berry, floral, cocoa and sweet ferment. We are offering these beans withroasting level from medium light to medium so that you can have your cup filled with richly sweet fruit-toned winey strawberry jam and floral note together with a hint of cocoa in aroma.

Visit our store and enjoy the finish consolidates around deep strawberry and cocoa notes, with heady hint of sweet ferment left in your cup.

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